Press Release: District 9 Town Hall

Mayor Lee and Supervisors Announce Budget Town Halls for Greater Public Input
San Francisco Residents Urged to Attend Budget Town Halls about Budget Choices, Priorities

San Francisco, CA— Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced a series of District-based Budget Town Halls in the coming months that are being co-hosted by the Mayor and members of the Board of Supervisors to educate the public about the Mayor’s budget principles and to hear directly from San Franciscans about their budget concerns and ideas as the City faces a projected $380 million budget shortfall for Fiscal Year 2011-12.

“Balancing the City’s budget remains my top priority. We need a budget that will ensure that San Francisco remains fiscally solvent while we work to stimulate the local economy, create jobs and reform our pension system, so that we can continue to provide city services,” said Mayor Lee. “These district-based town halls provide direct input from residents about what they think is important. We need to consider this feedback as we balance a budget that protects and serves all San Franciscans.”

To date, Mayor Lee has already met with the Board of Supervisors, with more than 80 community based organizations and advocacy groups, nearly 50 labor representatives from 20 of the City’s unions, 30 representatives of City Commissions, and Department Heads to hear about budget priorities and cost savings ideas in light of a $380 million dollar deficit.

District 9 with Supervisor David Campos
Wednesday, March 23rd (5:45-7:30PM)
Horace Mann Middle School, 3351 23rd Street


About MiCoCo

The Mission Community Council (MiCoCo) is an organization of Mission District community organizations, faith groups, neighborhood associations, and public departments that have united to promote the well-being of San Francisco's Mission District. The Council strengthens the neighborhood by expanding the community’s skill bank and by increasing opportunities for the families, and residents, of this diverse, working class, immigrant, and Latino community.
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