Report Back on D9 Town Hall


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Mayor Ed Lee is doing a series of town halls in each district to discuss the budget. Our district’s town hall was March 23rd at Horace Mann Middle School.

On April 1st, MiCoCo hosted a special gathering to discuss the D9 town hall and the new budget process. Hillary Ronen, legislative aide to Supervisor Campos, led a discussion about the town hall and the budget process. Here’s the skinny…

First, it is going to be another banner year for San Francisco with an estimated $380 million budget deficit. With the Mission District having the largest concentration of CBOs in the city, our community is particularly impacted. The problem is, there is nowhere else to cut. As Luis Barahona, MiCoCo Leadership Board member and community organizer for Jamestown put it, “The city is already cutting from the carcass.”

Campos’ office has been working to figure out how we are going to address this issue together. Campos’ organization of the town hall was one step, as was meeting with MiCoCo and our members. The feedback was mostly positive. The turnout was great. It was good for our mayor to meet the community. The vibe was uncharacteristically tame. However, some thought the community was fragmented in its messaging. Bottom line: It was a good first step.

Mayor Ed Lee

The mayor did point out three key principles with city staff and commissioners to guide the budget process:

  1. A safe city, not only public safety, but also a protection of core services.
  2. A solvent city, we offer programs that the city can afford do pay for.
  3. A successful city where we celebrate the diversity that brings people here and keeps people here.

You can hear from the man himself.

Mayor Lee also said he was working on a 5-year process (not year-to-year), he and Phil Ginsburg with SF Rec and Park are working on public/private relationships (though they didn’t elaborate on what that means) and lastly, that he is committed to entrepreneurship (however community block grants have been cut).

What did you think about the town hall?


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