Introducing Our New Intern: Andrea Frey

Hello Mission Community! I am Andrea Frey, the new intern with MiCoCo, and I am excited to start working and collaborating with each of you. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share with you my journey to MiCoCo.

I graduated in 2009 from Tufts University in Boston with a degree in Economics, International Relations and Spanish. After graduation, I flew off to Madrid, Spain to work at the Club de Madrid, a non-profit dedicated to strengthening democratic values and leadership internationally. My work focused primarily on the project “Women, Peace and Security,” connecting a group of women from around the Horn of Africa to create dialogue on effectively promoting the role of women specifically in the arena of Peace and Security through UNSCR Resolution 1325. After Spain, I returned home to San Diego.

In October 2010, I decided to throw my entire life’s contents into the trunk of a car and move to the Bay Area! As I settled in to my new home in San Francisco, the Mission with its profusion of Latin culture, delicious food, and captivating street art, (just to name a few things), constantly drew me to it.

As I concentrated on my professional options, I felt more drawn to local organizations directly serving their communities and found the Women’s Building where I began volunteering earlier this year. This allowed me to live, play, work and breathe in the Mission. In March, I was then hired on as one of two Community Programs Coordinators at TWB where I provide culturally specific information and resources while managing and creating programs on employment, health care, food and other services to women and girls. Check it out here!

In my search to broaden my experience and capacity in community building, particularly within the Mission, I came across the MiCoCo internship and within the hour, had already sent in my application. One month later, and having started work just this week with MiCoCo, I am already extremely busy. I look forward to our future events and the chance to meet you all and discuss how better to build a sustainable Mission community network!

Feel free to ask me a question about MiCoCo, our upcoming events, newsletters, or just to say hello at micocosf (at) gmail (dot) com.

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