Dolores Park Renovation Second Community Meeting

Event:  Dolores Park Rehabilitation Workshop #2
Date:    June 30th, 6:00PM
Place:  Mission High School Cafeteria, 3750 18th Street

Dolores Park

The rehabilitation of the beloved Dolores Park continues, and the next step in the designing process will take place this Thursday, June 30th.  The second workshop follows the resounding success of the kickoff workshop held earlier this month.  Over 120 people attended the first meeting to assess the current conditions of the park and brainstorm a comprehensive list of rehabilitation needs. Please join your neighbors at the second community meeting to discuss the improvements and help ensure that the plan addresses the diverse needs of the park and its users.

Workshop #2: Community members will vote to prioritize the park improvements listed by the participants in the first workshop, then break into small groups and create initial conceptual plans for rehabilitating the park.

Childcare, translation and some snacks and drinks will be available.  Please see the Dolores Park workshop announcement in English and Spanish and share with your friends.

For more information, please visit the project website or contact the project manager: Jacob Gilchrist, Project Manager, San Francisco Recreation & Parks Dept., Capital Improvement Division,, 415-581-2561

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