Planning Department Releases Neighborhood Profiles

The Planning Department has prepared neighborhood profiles based on recently released data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey program, detailing the state of the city for the period 2005-2009. They also contain population and race counts from the 2010 Census enumeration. Below is a quick summary of San Francisco and District 9 data:

Snapshot of San Francisco

  • San Francisco Population: 805,325 (increased 3.7% from 2000 Census)
  • Population of District 9: 59,980, (contains the lowest population, 7.4%)
  • The City’s racial makeup is 49% white, 33% Asian, 6% black, 11% Other Race
  • The Latino population grew by 11% (12,270) compared to 28% statewide.
  • Latinos make up 15% of the population, but the survey quickly notes that in San Francisco Latinos can be of any race, including white, black, Asian, or of mixed race.

Snapshot of District 9:


  • The District contains 7% of the city’s population, but experienced the greatest loss in population since 2000, losing 8%

Race and Language

  • The District’s racial makeup is 50% white, 21% Asian, 4% Black, 29% Other, and 39% Latinos (of various races)
  • District 9 saw in increase in the number of Whites and a decline in all other ethnicities, including losing 20.4% of the Latino population (6,500), but still contains the highest concentration of Latinos
  • The proportion of foreign born residents decreased from 47% to 39%
  • 43% of households speak English
  • Spanish speaking homes decreased from 40% to 33%, but the District still contains the highest percentage of Spanish speakers in the City (33%)
  • Asian language speaking households decreased to 19%
  • 15% of households are linguistically isolated (speak no English)

Housing and Income

  • 53% of the District households are composed of families with children, a 9% decrease
  • Just under 50% of the District population owns homes
  • There are about 23,310 housing units, with only 940 units added in the last 9 years
  • The estimated per capita income is $33,520
  • Poverty rate decreased from 13% to 9%, lower than the city wide estimate of 11%
  • The District has a 6% unemployment rate, lower than city wide rate of 7%

For more information, please visit the SF Planning Department Website. Click the links below to download the various versions of the data:

Districts At A Glance – Summary sheets for each district with key statistics
District Profiles – A narrative report on district characteristics and a citywide summary
Neighborhood Socio-Economic Profiles: A report of summary sheets on San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

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