MiCoCo’s new intern: Monica Guerra

Hi everyone, I’m Monica, the new intern working with MiCoCo! Currently, I’m a broadcasting major entering my junior year at San Francisco State University and I’m hoping to become a news producer in the future.

Most of my free time has been spent at the Exploratorium, where I worked as an explainer in the High School Explainer program. I’ve done over 80 live cow eye dissections and other demonstrations. After a year and a half I left the Explainer program and began working as an XTECH Facilitator at the Exploratorium. I created videos about their programs, and assisted in their family science nights at elementary schools all over San Francisco.

My background is Venezuelan and Colombian, and I was born and raised in San Francisco. I live and spend most of my time in the Outer Mission in District 11. In 2008, as a volunteer for the John Avalos supervisor campaign, I learned about my community which sparked my interest in local and national issues.

I was excited about the November 2008 Presidential elections until I realized I was to young to vote. In my frustration, I made a documentary named “16”, which talked about changing the voting age to 16. My documentary has been shown all over the country and has won several awards. Check it out.

Now, at 20 and I still keep myself updated with community issues. I never skip voting, and I always work in the polls for every election.

Through this internship, I hope to immerse myself in the District 9 community and expand my knowledge and network. Please contact me with story/blog ideas, events and newsletter topics.


About MiCoCo

The Mission Community Council (MiCoCo) is an organization of Mission District community organizations, faith groups, neighborhood associations, and public departments that have united to promote the well-being of San Francisco's Mission District. The Council strengthens the neighborhood by expanding the community’s skill bank and by increasing opportunities for the families, and residents, of this diverse, working class, immigrant, and Latino community.
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