Bridging communication with students and parents

Last week, the Columbia Boys and Girls Club held a student parent workshop. The goal of the workshop was for parents to understand what their children are facing as they grow up and how to communicate with them. Although the workshop was intended for 6th graders, students of different ages also attended.

When the workshop started, the kids went into a different room, while their parents listened to a presentation by Julio Lagos. He explained that their kids were now becoming teenagers and it’s to have important to have good communication with them. He addressed many topics on what parents should be talking about to their children. Some subjects included: values, how their children view the world differently, friendships with others, and romantic relationships.

While the parents were listening to the presentation, the students were in the art room creating individual paintings that where contributions to a larger group painting. As they painted, facilitators Theresa Alvarez and Luis Garcia started a casual group conversation with the students. They asked questions about peer pressure, pressure from parents, and if they liked their school.

After the workshop, students displayed their artwork for their parents to see. They all joined and ate a healthy homemade dinner while parents talked about what they learned and kids talked about their painting.


About MiCoCo

The Mission Community Council (MiCoCo) is an organization of Mission District community organizations, faith groups, neighborhood associations, and public departments that have united to promote the well-being of San Francisco's Mission District. The Council strengthens the neighborhood by expanding the community’s skill bank and by increasing opportunities for the families, and residents, of this diverse, working class, immigrant, and Latino community.
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One Response to Bridging communication with students and parents

  1. Theresa says:

    Just wanted to make an important correction to this blog.

    The Parent/Youth workshop was hosted by the YAG (Youth Affinity Group), a working collaborative of the Mission Community Council comprised of many organizations in the Mission District (Boys & Girls Club, Jamestown, Mission Beacon Community Center, Mission Girls, Mission Graduates, Mission Health Center, etc)

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