Grants aimed to aid Organizations

The San Francisco Foundation is now accepting applications for five grants:

  1. Education (due November 7th)
  2. Arts and Culture (due November 7th)
  3. Community Development (due by November 14th)
  4. Community Health (due by November 14th)
  5. Environment (due November 14th).

To be eligible, your organization must:

  1. Fall in one of the five areas: Arts & Culture, Community Development, Community Health, Education, and Environment.
  2. Be in one of the five Bay Area counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin. Have a valid tax exempt status, 501(c)(3), public entity or fiscal sponsor.

They do not fund scientific/academic research, religious activities, one time events, or direct assistance to individuals. 

Average grants are about $22,000 per year. But the foundation cannot award three years of consecutive funding, there must be a year break, and then organizations can re-apply for the grant.

For more information check out The San Francisco Foundation website or contact Maria Healey at or 415.733.8572.


About MiCoCo

The Mission Community Council (MiCoCo) is an organization of Mission District community organizations, faith groups, neighborhood associations, and public departments that have united to promote the well-being of San Francisco's Mission District. The Council strengthens the neighborhood by expanding the community’s skill bank and by increasing opportunities for the families, and residents, of this diverse, working class, immigrant, and Latino community.
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