MiCoCo Closure early summer

It is with a heavy heart that we send this email announcing the closure the of Mission Community Council. After more than 10 years of service MiCoCo will gradually terminate its services. For the next few months we will continue to send out our newsletter and have the community gatherings with Supervisor Campos’ office. We led a comprehensive and thorough process to determine what would be the best direction for MiCoCo, and based on our capacity and resources feel that for now this is the best decision for MiCoCo.

Also please look for an upcoming notice regarding a MiCoCo celebration gathering to recognize all of the hard work that the community has done together under the auspices of the Mission Community Council.


MiCoCo Staff


About MiCoCo

The Mission Community Council (MiCoCo) is an organization of Mission District community organizations, faith groups, neighborhood associations, and public departments that have united to promote the well-being of San Francisco's Mission District. The Council strengthens the neighborhood by expanding the community’s skill bank and by increasing opportunities for the families, and residents, of this diverse, working class, immigrant, and Latino community.
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