Mission & History

Our Mission

The Mission Community Council strengthens the vitality of the Mission District by cultivating a collaborative network that serves and advocates for our community.

Our Vision

We see the Mission District as a multicultural working class neighborhood with strong institutions and services, where community members live and work with dignity and well-being, and where they participate fully in decisions that impact their lives.

Our History

The MiCoCo was founded in 2000, when 23 Mission community agencies came together to create a neighborhood wide Mission District council. Today, over 55 stakeholder groups participate in MiCoCo. The MiCoCo is the first organization to successfully unite Mission agencies, churches, and other groups to address long standing challenges in our community – such as homelessness, gang violence, and our youths’ lack of educational opportunity. The breadth of MiCoCo efforts – involving a diverse group of organizations – provides families and residents access to services across the wide geographic area of the Mission. At the same time, MiCoCo initiatives cut away at the duplication of services.



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